About Us

AmazingHind is a five years young company engaged in the production and export of home furnishings. The company is a vertically integrated manufacturer and exporter of Home Furnishings, highly specialised in Embroidered cushions, Stitching techniques, Linen Cushions, Linen Throws, Bedding and Table Linens.

Our spectrum of customers includes retail stores, mail-order companies, and importers throughout the world. Amazing Hind International’s creative approach to design and strict quality-control standards have taken our products to the shelves of globally famous stores in Europe and the Americas. Our products are aligned with the latest in international trends, using contemporary materials to create a unique blend of modernity and Indian tradition.

We strive towards vertically integrating all processes of production from Dyeing, embroidering, stitching, finishing and packing. We continue to introduce advancements in various production processes to improve in quality and efficiency so that we can pass it to our customer.

Our factory is based out of Noida, near New Delhi and has dedicated and experienced team of fabricators and quality-control inspectors. Being an export-only company, we are fully experienced with the changing requirements and expectations of the international market. As corporate citizens, we do our bit and we continue to build on that.

Trade Shows

? 2018 AmazingHind International

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